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DEAPening Employer Academic Partnerships

There is a compelling need for effective and continual communication between academic computing programs that produce graduates and the employers that hire these graduates. Such communication will lead to improved education outcomes to ensure that college graduates are more effective on the job while accruing competencies (knowledge, skills, and dispositions) needed for long-term growth as professional. DEAP is designed to build a productive partnership between employers and academia, with a key goal of developing a recurring national survey of computing practitioners so that their carried work experience can be translated into feedback for improving academic program and making them relevant to the demands of both current and future employers.


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Employee Partners

If you are an employer who hires college graduates in the computing technology field, it is important for you to be able to hire graduates with the competencies that are needed for them to be successful. This project is designed to convey those competencies from employer partners to academic programs who can change those programs to instill the proper competencies. Having those employer partners on board with this project will enable the success of the project, and that success will ultimately benefit the participants by changing the status quo to produce more effective employees.


Why Should Employers
Partner with Us?

Academic Program Partners

If you are part of an academic program who prepares college graduates in the computing technology field, you undoubtedly want employers to hire your graduates. This movement is designed to get academic programs involved, propagate the results of our research and communicate workforce training expectations to academic programs for better preparation of collage graduates. Partners will have access to the results of this process, and will be able to utilize our research to improve curricular offerings.


Why Should Academic Programs Partner with Us?

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